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MAC, one of Vancouver's most successful real estate marketing companies, approached Vibe9 to take their already successful website into the responsive age and develop unique features to showcase their impressive array of projects, team, and blogs.

Project In Detail

Site Purpose

MAC Marketing Solutions is "Western Canada’s premium provider of real estate project marketing and sales services". As such, they use their site extensively, not only to showcase a huge list of real estate marketing projects to prospective buyers, but also to share their knowledge of what's going on in the world of real estate. Their real estate loving team actively use the site blog to share their opinions and experiences with buyers, sellers, developers and realtors.

What we did

  • Website interface design
  • Responsive HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • ExpressionEngine CMS development
  • Google Maps Integration - Location based project showcase
  • CMS Architecture overhaul: template rewriting and content restructuring

Blogging is back

If you're in the market for a new home or you want to invest in Vancouver's hottest market, we suggest you read a few posts from the MAC Blog before you take the leap. You might get a few good tips that could even save you some money.

The MAC Blog is a forum for the company's highly experienced team to share their latest advice and quirkiest experiences with the public. It also helps keep their site fresh which is always appealing to search engines. The blog is easy to manage and contains some simple yet effective tools for cross marketing and social media marketing.

Google Maps Integration

Location, location, location. The age old saying meets today's latest technology. All projects MAC adds to their website instantly show up in their project showcase as well as on this interactive map tool which uses Google Maps at its core to allow users to search projects by location.

The MAC Club

Membership certainly does have its privileges. In this case, MAC uses a simple online form to invite users to join their email newsletter for updates on the latest insight and offerings in the Vancouver real estate market. The form fully integrates with a 3rd party CRM tool MAC uses to manage all of their projects with.

Project Showcase

When you have so many high profile projects at once, as MAC does, the challenge becomes how to feature all of them equally and prominently. Add to this, an unknown number of projects at any time and an infinite array of possible mobile and desktop screen sizes and you have a fun design problem to solve. We found an interactive solution that takes advantage of some pretty spectacular javascript, which dynamically adjusts the layout of projects to maximize use of screen real estate.

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